13 Profitable Online Businesses You Can Start Right Now

Profitable Online BusinessAs I know, you may be thinking of getting into online business. This article is to show you some online businesses  you may start that can start making you money online. And, if you are already doing something online, you can still go through this list to see that there is some stuff here that fits your skill set.

Get familiar with the most successful online business ideas to improve your success possibilities. Some people like to keep their online business as a side profession to just earn some extra money. But, if you’re aiming at achieving professional recognition and financial security through your online business, you have to know which niches are the dominant ones.

By the term “profitable online business”, I mean a business which can help you earn enough money to generate an attractive residual income after all the expenses. So, if this is what you’re thinking about, you should try to know the online business ideas which will give you both fame and money. Without much ado, let’s delve into it –

1. Become a Content Writer

Every day, many people are looking for somebody to write articles for them, even corporate organizations. If you are good at writing content, you may want to start writing on fiverr.com, Freelancer.com, oDesk.com and others like that.

2. Start a Blog Website

This is the one that works for me real well. Many people are doing exceptionally well in this type of online business. If you write well and are a good communicator, social animal, or if you love to help people learn about different new things, then you will earn money online through blogging. People are looking for solutions online to solve the problems they are facing. If you have skills in something, start blogging about it and make sure you are putting out quality content. You can sell your own product on this site or promote affiliate offers. Also, you can sell this website for big money. A guy called Jason Calacanis founded a blog which was later sold for $20 million approximately. So, you can imagine your prospects.

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3. Be a Web/Graphic Designer

Are you artistic? Can you design graphics? To earn online as a web or graphic developer, you don’t need to do any long term planning or make any extravagant arrangements. Simply build your profile, register with famous freelancing websites and start working. For example, check out the profile of Paul Buchheit. His income from online business as a designer and developer of Gmail has been $600 million to date.

4. Earn Money Through eBay

Why not start selling stuff on eBay? It works for almost everyone with knowledge of marketing and patience. However, you will need a little time to master the technique of high profit earning on eBay. You will start seeing profits when you learn the art of selling and know which product to sell.

5. Start an Online Retail Store

Start retailing online to earn a handsome of money. You can easily source the product you want to sell online. Websites such as eBay and Alibaba will give you plenty of sources for your merchandise. All you need is a website to use as an online store. You can install the site by yourself with your own knowledge of wordpress or you can hire somebody to do it for you very cheaply. Then you can start selling stuff online. You can start selling locally at first. Once you grab the process and get settled, then you can sell stuff in different states and countries.

6. Selling Information Products Online

Every day, millions of people are looking for informational products that can teach them how to solve their problems. If you are an expert in a particular topic, you can create an eBook on that topic and start selling it in online marketplaces, like zaxaa. Unique ideas and exceptional skills are the two things that can take you to the forefront. Selling on the site will require product creation and marketing skills, which will be discussed on the site in the future.

At the same time you can publish your eBook on Amazon as a Kindle book. Kindle books are selling very well and getting into this market is very simple.

Bottom line, if you’re an explorer or like to gather information about various subjects or fields, then you can earn money by making an exceptional report and selling them to interested parties online.

7. Earn Profit Through Affiliate Marketing

Earn as much as you want through affiliate marketing. If you know how to sell or market online, you can earn a lot of commission by promoting digital products on zaxaa, JVzoo, Warriorplus, Clickbank or Amazon. To get into a CPA affiliate program, check out offervault.com or Commission Junction (cj.com).

8. Become a Social Media Consultant

Social media is becoming very important in internet marketing (IM) these days. Every business wants to be on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and so on. So, they need somebody to manage all there gazillions of social media for them. Almost every organization needs a social media manager or consultants these days. If you have an interest in social media, or you’re a social networking buff, you will do very well in this online business.

9. Become an Application Developer

There are many opportunities for an application developer. What do you need to start this online business? Nothing except one or two computers and an internet.

If you can build something unique, it can get you a fortune. For example, Allen Wong became famous after developing a police scanner. Learn more about him here. You can work for several other companies and help them develop mobile apps.

10. SEO and General Consultancy

If you have an exceptional background and knowledge in this field, why not try to do consultation and training for local businesses? Target your local area and deliver online, like local SEO consultation. Google Helpouts (https://helpouts.google.com/) is also a good place to start. Of course, you may not become a millionaire, but you will earn enough to make a great living.

11. Start an Internet Research Firm

You can earn money online by establishing an internet research firm. With a very small initial investment, you will be able to make a living easily from the internet. You can start small and work for startups who will hire your service for secondary market research. Gradually over time, you will spread your wings and take the business to a larger scale if you do well. You can charge your client on a per hour basis. To begin with, $20 – 30 per hour can be a possible rate.

12. Earn Through Game Development

You can earn a lot of money online by being a game developer. With your specialized technical skills, you can earn enough to live a financially stable life. Andrew Gower is one of the top 10 internet millionaires of 2014. He made $680 million from his online business.

13. Become a Translator or Proofreader

Are you fluent in two or more languages? You can offer to translate from one language to the other. And, if you have a good eye for catching spelling mistakes and are a nerd of the English language, then it is easy to get buyers for this service. Check out Fiverr, Freelancer, oDesk or Elance.

This list is not all inclusive. There many other things you can do online and get paid for, such as filling out surveys, secret shopping, consultancy, bookkeeping, medical billing and coding and so on. Do some more research and you will be surprised that there are lot of people online looking to pay you for what you know how to do. So, there are basically many profitable online businesses you can start right now. But, you have to choose one according to your expertise. Only then will you be able to monetize your knowledge and skill successfully.

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