15 Critical Reasons Why Building a Mailing List Is a Must for Your Business

Mailing List BuildingMailing lists are the lists that contain the names (optional) and email addresses of people you can send emails to, when you have an offer. It may include physical addresses and phone numbers, especially for offline businesses. But, we will concentrate on email addresses as the main element here, which is very paramount for an online business. These people opted in to receive email messages from you. There is no greater offense than sending unsolicited email to people who have not opted in to receiving emails from you. It is against the law and the FCC will sue you if you are caught.

Selling to past satisfied customers is the easiest free traffic you will get in your business. Legally, getting email addresses from your customers or potential customers is the key ingredient in securing continuous customer patronage. Building a mailing list is a must for your business success – we heard it. The money is in the list, as internet marketer will say. This is very true, but it must be a quality targeted list. You don’t want to be sending email messages to promote pork meat to a vegetarian community.

But, how exactly is a business’s success so dependent on it? Whether it’s online or offline, the growth of every business relies on building a good reputation, brand management and smart marketing. Experts believe email list building can help with all of them. Of course, there will be several other sub processes in between which will be equally important. Our question is, why? Building an email list is especially important for the success of our business. You need aweber or GetResponse mailing list service to be able to build a successful mailing list and conduct profitable email marketing.

First of all, you need to understand that building a mailing list is part of the email marketing plan. There are a few things that email list building does with ease and perfection. So, here are the 15 critical ones:

1. An Email List Reduces the Cost of Marketing Dramatically

When you have a database of email addresses of past customers or potential customers that have demonstrated interest in what you sell, you can easily send free emails to them without having to pay for the clicks. If you send an email to 5000 people, apart from the monthly subscription cost of maybe $100, then you don’t really have any other costs. To receive 5000 clicks from search engines, it may cost you more than $3,000 depending on the market you are in.

2. Email List Allows You to Reach Your Customers on Their Mobiles

Many people check their email on their mobile phone these days. Immediately you send it, and then it is received by the recipient within minutes. It’s easy for a customer to quickly check email updates on their phones. Therefore, it also gets easy for a business to stay connected to its prospective buyers, no matter where they are. If you are running flash sales, then you quickly send the word out.

3. Emails Help to Send Customized Messages to the Customers

The good thing about email marketing is that it is much easier now to segment your customers into groups that may be based on what they bought in the past. Email service providers, such as Aweber or GetResponse, make this very easy. Sending the right email to the right group will increase your sales and make your customers happy as well.

4. An Email List Helps to Track Business Growth Much Better

As we have said in the beginning, “Money is in the list.” The more email addresses of responsive customers you have, the more you will make in revenue. If your email database is growing, then you revenue will be growing as well.

5. Emails Help a Business Understand their Customers Better

Depending on the type of information consumers furnish in the email subscription form, a marketer gets to understand a lot about the genre of his prospective buyers, like the approximate age of the average buyers, their gender, etc. It helps them develop a better marketing plan and sales pitch to increase conversions. Business can send surveys out through email as well to find out their customers’ needs.

6. It’s Considered a Faster and More Direct Mode of Communication

Emails are definitely the faster and more direct communication mode for a business. A business can attend to each email query personally to make their prospective buyers feel special and improve the customer service. It helps them build brand loyal customers in the long run.

7. A Business Doesn’t Need to Rely Solely on Social Media Marketing

Although social media marketing is powerful, with a growing email list and number of prospective buyers a business’s sole reliance on social media ends. The chances of success of a business increase even if social media marketing doesn’t work well for it.

8. Email Marketing Can Increase the Social Media Following of a Business

It has been seen that customers who subscribe to the email list of a business are more likely to share and like that business’s posts on Facebook and Twitter. You can also send email to this list to introduce your social media page or to invite them to the page. Many of them will gladly be happy to join your page and hit the “Like” button.
9. Email Marketing Gives a Business Occasional Relief from Search Engine
Because of the email addresses of your customers you have, reaching your customer without depending on third party algorithm is unstoppable. Successful email marketing gives a business occasional relief from search engines and search engine optimization rigors. A business doesn’t need to worry too much about search engine ranking, or spend too much money for it. It can manage to attract new customers and retain the existing ones through smart email list building and email marketing plans.

10. Email List Helps Online Business Draw More Traffic to a Website

By sending email alerts, or sharing very useful information through email newsletters, a business can drive repeat visitors to its website, which is very important for its success. So, you must collect emails of the buyers who are interested in your products or services.

11. Mail List Building Helps a Business Improve Customer Engagement

As we said earlier for a business, email marketing is a fast, easy and a cost effective way to stay connected and engaged with its prospective buyers. And as we know, a business with impressive customer engagement manages to keep the end customers happy and thus can grow and succeed faster.

12. It Helps a Business in Better Lead Conversions

Prospective leads are more likely to turn into a sale when a business keeps it consumers happy and attends their problems personally. And we know that happy and brand loyal customers are the root cause of success for every business.

13. Email Marketing Helps a Business offer Special Customer Loyalty Plan

A business can provide special product and service offers to its brand loyal customers. It helps them retain their customers for the long term and therefore, they can ensure their success.

14. Automated Email System Simplifies Marketing

When you have the email list of your customers or potential customers, you can set up a series of emails in advance to go out to this list at the time you set without you doing anything else. An automated email system is easy to manage and helps a business perform marketing in a much easier manner.

15. It Increases the Value of Your Website or business

It may get to a point where you will want to sell you website or business. The value that having a mailing list will bring to your website sale will be enormous. I will pay 3X more for a website with a very good mailing list base. And, the same way the website investors think.

By building a mailing list and planning smart email marketing, a business can ensure productive customer interaction, targeted traffic to a website, increased number of brand loyal customers, and more prospective leads and conversions. The end result of all of this is – an astounding success. And, this clarifies why building a mailing list is a must for your business’s success.

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