15 Internet Marketing Websites or Blogs That Every Internet Marketer Should Follow

Internet Marketing BlogsWhen you are running online business, you need to keep developing yourself and learn more constantly. This will allows you to keep up with new business or internet marketing strategies that are out there. There are many resources on Internet Marketing that you can find online. However, with all the options it is hard to see what is really worth your time. Here is a list of 15 blogs and websites that I follow and I believe can help you be more efficient and profitable in your business. So, while you are in good hands of BusinessEscalate.com, here are some other websites I constantly view to keep myself up to date:

1. Hubspot.com


Some of you may be familiar with the Hubspot software. They all have individual blogs and one in particular that focuses on marketing. They regularly cover web trends, digital advertising and social media.

2. Marketo.com


This digital marketing service also runs a marketing blog with quick-read articles that can easily fit into any busy schedule. This blog even provides links to some of their eBooks if you want to receive more information on a particular topic.

3. SEOBook.com


This website also runs its own blog and has training open to the public. There is also a community forum where users can sign up to chat and share ideas among each other.

4. Wordstream.com


This resource knows how to simplify digital advertising. They provide daily updates on multiple topics such as E-commerce, blogging and of course their specialty, digital advertising. They typically post a couple times a day, so you’re bound to get a few good ideas here.

5. Kissmetrics.com


This site is all about the analytics. They help their customers measure results and their blog provides a fresh perspective on this as well. They also use examples from other businesses and services that readers can look into using.

6. SEO.com


Search engine optimization is important for any business to understand to continue growing online. Information can be found on this website with this topic and PPC. They have eBooks available and a few webinars per year.

7. Unbounce.com


Landing pages can help any business better serve their customer. Unbound can build and publish these landing pages for any business. Not only does this blog post articles, but they also include podcasts on related topics as well.

8. SearchEngineLand.com


This visually appealing site posts on other internet websites and sources that will improve search results. Some other services mentioned are Bing Ads, Google Analytics, Adwords and social media.

9. Adobe Digital Marketing Blog


This blog focuses on a wider range of topics than most of the others in the list. It provides descriptions of many different resources and products currently on the market. This blog can be very helpful if you are looking for a way to stay in the know.

10. Moz Blogs


Moz’s main focus is also search. There are many search engine optimization sources on their site and most topics in their blog forums on creating links and content which can improve search. There are new posts made daily.

11. Digital Marketer


This site is owned by notable and successful marketer, Ryan Deiss and this site focuses on what everyone’s biggest concern, which is using digital marketing to increase sales. They provide solutions for busy business owners on how they can make positive changes to their business online and integrate into their lifestyles.

12. Search Engine Roundtable


This website breaks the content into four main categories; Google, Bing, Yahoo and SEO. They also have a few other sections on the site as well. Each category is then broken down into additional topics. This is one of the easiest internet marketing sites to find exactly what kind of content you are looking for in a short amount of time.

13. WebProNews.com


If news of online marketing is what you’re looking for, this is the place to find it. This website posts articles on advertising, search and other topics. Then relates the news to how it can affect you individually.

14. UnMarketing


Stop Marketing. Start Engaging. This is what you see when you get to this websites homepage. Instead of a typical blog format, podcasts are posted on the regular. A link to other industry related blogs can be found on the left hand side of the home page.

15. Search Engine Optimization Journal


Many contributing authors in the industry can be found here. This helps the website keep many different topics floating around on search related topics.

These are just some of the online resources that can help improve your internet marketing. See which ones really work for you and your business needs. If you have any website you will like to recommend, leave a comment below.

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