15 Strategic Ways To Get More Retweets

Twitter Retweet Marketing

Twitter is a brilliant social networking tool for individuals and businesses alike. Essential information is shared, opinions are discussed, relationships are sealed and useful products are promoted through tweets. Retweet (RT) is a remarkable Twitter feature that brands and adds value to tweets.

It is thereby fundamental to enlighten yourself with the ways to obtain more retweets.

1. Tweet with VISUAL CONTENT

Use pictures, videos, illustrations, graphs and mini-info graphics. They make a tweet all the more arresting than a bland string of text. Adding such visuals boost retweet rates by 150%.

Choose a visual that is vibrant or one that is riveting. For example, check this Nat Geo image that has 190 retweets primarily owing to the stunning photograph.

Tweet With Visual Contents

Sift through free stock photos from Creative Commons or pick royalty free images or free to license images from Shutter stock, Fotolia, Think stock, Un-splash, Comp-fight, to name a few.

2. Include LINKS

Tweeting with links gains more followers. According to a data report by Sales force Marketing Cloud, here is the math: tweets with no links receive 86% lower retweet rates than tweets that contain links. Hence, include links in your tweets.

3. Tweet and REPEAT

Fresh tweets become stale within minutes. If you have an amazing piece of information that is worth sharing a zillion times, by all means do. A word of caution: restrict the annoyance quotient through repetition. Excite your followers by presenting the same amazing piece of information in different formats.

Quote it the first time

Twitter Quotes


Use an image the second time. (Never spam in quick succession, leave sensible time between tweets.)

Tweet With Image


Follow up with a link the third time. (As above, space out the tweets.)

Tweet With Link



Retweet rates soar high for the latest happenings; add value to your tweets by discussing current events; Ask questions, tease for more information, and frame opinions on trending topics. Get a bunch of those events, keep them handy and tweet them at frequent intervals.

Try Trends map, an excellent tool to track local trending topics on Twitter.

5. TIMING Matters

To get more retweets, tweet at the optimal time.

Intensive studies have been conducted on retweet timings and practically speaking, there are no invariable, sacred statistics for retweets. Followers exist in multiple time zones and it is imperative to use Twitter analysis tools to get your best strategic time.

There is a plethora of tools to choose from, the ubiquitous being Follower wonk. It provides the most active hours of tweets and retweets. Make your own analysis from the graphs, evaluate the hours sensibly and retweet at those definite times. Take this example from the Follower wonk site:

Twitter Timing

Compare statistics with Twitonomy. These provide equally awesome tweet-retweet analysis with stunning charts and visualizations.


Big names drive retweets. Choose “niche influencers” (people sharing powerful information on a specific topic, not necessarily celebrities) who have a lot of followers and add them to your tweet.

Keep caution in including their names; let the tweet be gentle or good enough for the influencer to be added. Those who follow the influencers are more likely to follow your tweet and retweet. If you have more number of followers, higher is the probability of retweets.

7. Get to know your TWEETABLES and RETWEETABLES

One man has done extensive research on retweet-able words and made our tweeting lives easier. Bless the good-hearted Dan Zarrella, a social media scientist for his robust findings.

Follow his cue and remember to use these words in your tweets for high retweet rates:

“You, twitter, post, blog, new blog post, top, blog post, please retweet, social media, great, check out, please, retweet, how to, social, free, media, help, 10, follow”

Likewise it is suggested that we avoid these banal words/phrases. In no particular order:

“Going, Haha, hey, bored, work, home, back, bed, well, sleep, gonna, lol, tomorrow, watching, night tired, some, listening, game”

8. Keep It Short and Simple

A tweet has 140 characters. For a follower to retweet, you ought to shelve him some space and not use all the 140 spaces. In effect, every character counts.

Retweet versus Length of Tweets

Length Of Tweet

9. Here is a quick checklist:

a. Avoid gibberish/jargon. Use simple, short words.

b. Let your tweet be only around 70-100 characters. Reserve the remaining 50%-70% for retweets.

c. If you add lengthy URLs, you waste space and lose retweets. Use URL shorteners.


The simplest and fuss-free way to get more retweets is to offer retweets in the first place.

This give and take practice is a proven fact for high engagement rates and consequently pooling traffic to your tweet.

11. Entice With a FREEBIE

Rake in followers by offering them something free in return. People crave for freebies and they spread the word.

If you own a shop, add a link to a survey poll and sell a comfort product.

Spread the word of your new book by posting free e-copies to the top 100 retweeters.

If you recently opened your café, tweet about it and mention that you will offer discounts every Sunday for those who retweet.

It is a gamble, but a good one.

Some useful tools to aid in this quest are Cloud Food, Pay with a Tweet.


Follow those who represent the knowledge powerhouse of your niche. (Refrain from following random people.) This way you get precious information to tweet and in turn earn more retweets.

13. Include HASHTAGS

A hash tag (#) is a fantastic means to breed retweets. According to the Twitter blog, the usage of hash tags with tweets can increase the retweet rates for individuals by almost two times.

On the contrary, using too many hash tags reverses its advantage. The retweet rate drops by about 17% if more than two hash tags are used.

Here is a bad example:

Bad Hashtag


Keep your eyes open for the latest trending hash tags that when added to your tweet might boost retweets for you.

14. ASK and You Shall Receive

Two powerful phrases raise the chances of your tweets being re-tweeted:

Please Retweet: increases your retweet rate by 4 times

Please RT: increases your retweet rate by 3 times

However, keep in mind that requesting someone for retweets can be considered spam, especially if made to total strangers. Never be pushy or beg for retweets. As always, spare time between requests.

You can always make a brazen request to your dear friends to retweet your tweet.

15. Some More Ideas/Tools That Invite Retweets

a. Tweet a lot of quotes; humans like to read them big time.

b. Add social media buttons to your tweet, spread the word, and get more followers and more retweets.

c. Use the Twitter’s paid Promoted tweets.

d. Use scheduling tools like Buffer.

e. Always remember to thank all those who re-tweet your tweet.

f. Finally, do not stop tweeting.

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