25 Traffic Sources That Will Make Your Website Profitable

25 Website Traffic SourcesWhen I first started, I knew I needed people to come to my site, but it took me some time before I could figure out how to bring or find people to come to my site. I started buying clicks or traffic that people were selling. But to my surprise, all the traffic I bought on eBay was merely bots, with no real traffic at all. I wasted so much money on this before I started to learn how to drive real traffic. The traffic sources explained below are mixture of free traffic and paid traffic.

You may have the best product in the world, but if nobody hears about it then you will not make any sales and you will end up as a failure. The same thing with your website; if nobody knows about your site, the mere reason that you built it doesn’t mean they will come. You need eyeballs to see your product, which will lead to people taking out their wallets and buying your product.

However, you want to get quality targeted traffic to your website. Targeted traffic means only a very specific group of visitors who would be interested in the product or service that you have to offer on your website. Increased targeted traffic will produce a higher number of sales and more conversions. In this case, every bit of extra effort will count.

So, I will show you some medium you can use to get quality targeted traffic to your site, either free or paid traffic:

1. Facebook – Social media, such as Facebook, has made it so easy to get people to see and view your website. You can get these people to your site for free or by paid Facebook ads. To get free traffic, create a fan page for your business or website and start posting helpful contents and funny images related to your business. These two things will make your contents and images go viral, and this will make people start clicking “Like” and start sharing them as well.

2. Twitter – If you don’t have a Twitter account for your business yet, go create one today and start posting tweets on the page. Post a funny quote and links to quality content on your site. That will help you get people to start retweeting your content. That will also get you more traffic very quickly. Make sure you follow some notable people with a big audience. This will help you a lot.

3. Solo Ads – I bought solo ads from different people that I know who have buyer traffic and are ready to send my ad or message to their mailing list. This is very quick and quality traffic. I have had a great experience with this. One place to check for this is udimi.

4. Pinterest – According to traffic that I received from Pinterest, it sent more traffic to me than Facebook and Twitter combined. Use Pinterest the right way and you will be bombarded with targeted traffic.

5. StumbleUpon – StumbleUpon is a great source for traffic. You can put your website ad there. Depending on the content, video and photos, the users will rate it as a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ using the StumbleUpon toolbar. When you get more thumbs up, StumbleUpon distributes your content or ad to more and more users, which gives you more traffic to your website in response.

6. SlideShare – SlideShare gets 60 million visitors per month. If you can develop a great PowerPoint presentation with good links, add tags for SEO, mention your URL at the end of the presentation, use good template, convert it into the PDF, upload in Slideshare and share across social media, then it will get you lots of their traffic to your website.

7. Press Release – If you can submit press releases using good keywords in prominent PR sites like prweb.com and sbwire.com, it will give you thousands of hits to your website.

8. Banner Ad – Do a search on Google for sites related to your niche and see if they will allow banner ads on their site. There is no quick way to get targeted traffic than this.

9. Pay Per Click – This is very effective and can easily get you into the cash flow side. It is a method by which you pay-per-click that is sent to you from sites, such as Google Adwords, Bing, and many other sites. Most clicks that come from these sites are buyer traffic if you target the right keywords.

10. Guest Blogging – Although this will be hard for you in the beginning as your blog will not have the credibility, you can try it anyway. Talk to famous bloggers and ask permission for guest blogging. If they allow it, you can use your website link somewhere in your post to attract the traffic and take them back to your website.

11. Affiliate Platform – Offer attractive commission to the affiliate marketers to promote your product and website. Established affiliate marketers get numerous web page visits every day. So, they can send lots of good traffic to your website. Examples of these platforms are Zaxaa, JVZoo, WarriorForum.

12. Forum – Join forums relevant to your product or service. You will get a similar community there talking about different things. You must mention your website in the signature or profile. After that, you can contribute new great ideas and offer solutions to problems to lure the community to your website.

13. Blog Comment – Leave valuable blog comments in the famous blogs to attract the attention of the visitors and other bloggers. Most good blogs will give you an option to use your website link somewhere. If other visitors like your comment, they might follow you through the website link you leave there.

14. LinkedIn – Join LinkedIn, create a great profile, add the links of your website and blog to your profile, increase connections, update your profile status frequently, join relevant groups, try to engage with networks, write good content and promote it, share with a group or individuals, and follow the individuals to get LinkedIn traffic to your website.

15. Google Plus – You can create a Google Plus profile page that includes your website links and YouTube URLs. Make sure you format the page, use wise headlines for your posts, connect to the right people to build a good circle, add images and use hashtags to get targeted traffic to your website.

16. Amazon – Amazon is the biggest eCommerce store right now. If you’ve published a book or just an eBook, get the kindle version on Amazon and get free traffic. You can smartly promote some other products you may have in that book as well or promote your squeeze page to get free leads.

17. eBay – eBay gets millions of hits every day. Promote your product there and build an “About Me” page, where you could mention your website link. This will help the visitors on eBay find out about your website, which will increase your traffic.

18. ClickBank – If you have digital products that you sell on your website, then uploading it to the Clickbank marketplace is very important. This platform has thousands of affiliates promoting products on this website daily. Just make sure you give a good commission to those affiliate, like around 75%, then you will get a lot of them promoting your product.

19. Craigslist – It’s a website that promotes classified ads. It gets 50 million visitors per month. You can get traffic from Craigslist if people browsing ads find your ad attractive and click the hyperlink. You can also post content there with good keywords. The content on Craigslist is very search engine friendly and shows up in search engines quite often. It will get you traffic from the search engines.

20. Article Marketing – Article sites, such as eZineArticle and ArticleBase, receive a lot of traffic daily. You can submit articles to these sites to gain more targeted traffic. Article marketing will drive quality targeted traffic to your website. For that, you will need to write articles for different authority websites or blogs. When you publish articles on these high ranking authority websites, you are allowed to include your website or links to your website there. If the readers like your post, they will click the link to view your website, which will get you lots of quality traffic to your website.

21. Search Engine – Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are excellent sources for traffic. Search engines can send you lots of targeted traffic, both free and paid traffic. Google search traffic creates more sales than any other website. Try as much as possible to optimize your website to be search engine friendly to get free traffic. You need to optimize your website and blog content with tags, keywords, images and videos to rank better in the search engines and lure tons of traffic from there.

22. Social Bookmark – You can use sites like digg.com, reddit.com, Yahoo Bookmarks, and Google Bookmarks to get lots of traffic. Just remember to make an attractive headline of your post, submit the post in the right category, build a great profile of yours and respond to comments on your articles. That will help you get 20000 visitors a day to your website.

23. YouTube – YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and it is owned by the first largest, Google. It generates 4 billion views daily. Internet marketers know the power of video these days on YouTube. All you have to do is make an excellent video and an account with YouTube, which gets millions of hits; and then upload your video there, add a good title, description and keywords telling people what your video is all about, add your website link and add a “call to action” encouraging people what to do if they like your video. This way you can get lots of traffic from YouTube to your website.

24. Yahoo Answer – Many people asking questions on Yahoo Answer are actually looking for solutions. If you have a product they can buy to solve their problems, you have a 90% chance of making a sale. To get good enough traffic from Yahoo Answer, you have to prepare good answers to the questions people are asking and try to restrict the promotion of website links. If your answer is good, people will follow you and you will get lots of traffic to your website.

25. Directory – Submitting your website link to some directory will help you with traffic and SEO benefits. Some of these directories are free while others are paid directories. Some examples of directories you can submit your website to are Yahoo, Google, Bing, Yelp, YellowPages, Whitepages, YellowBook, SuperMedia, BizJournals, Local, Kudzu, Twibs, SuperPages, Biznik, Manta, Backpage and many others.

So, these are the 25 effective ways to get quality targeted traffic to your website. Traffic is going to be the reason for your online business’s success or failure. Spend about 70% in getting traffic to your offers, and you will succeed. However, don’t be distracted to see the abundance of options. Try one option first, monitor the end result, and then move on to the other.

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