– A New Service From Paypal

Hello there,

I know majority of us that are internet marketers have account with paypal. It is a payment processor that makes collecting money online so easy.

Now, I want to tell you about a service that paypal just rolled out. This will change the way we send and collect money. The new service is called and you can sign up and attached this new service to your existing account. It has a lot of benefits.

This is brand new as of last week, and it’s not only important for you to grab a link name for yourself, it’s also an opportunity that could mean immense profit for you.

Now there is a small tutorial eBook that is just published by Dennis Becker on this subject. If you click the image below, you will be taken to a page where you can download this report and it is free. However, you can donate if you want.

When you get to the page, just click the image I point orange arrow at on the image below. That is the link that will take you to this PDF free report to download. I hope you enjoy it from

I hope you enjoy it.

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