Starting a Profitable Local Business Marketing Services


Have you ever thought of doing a business that doesn’t require costs, but you’re misty about what you are going to do? In this case, Local Business Marketing and Consulting Service is a choice you can consider. These services is all about helping the local business owners achieve their success by exposing their businesses to the internet to the fullest extent with online marketing services. These services mostly focus on:
•    Marketing & strategy development: Marketing & brand consulting, project management, marketing strategy.
•    Digital content: website, landing page, blog, mobile app
•    Search engine services: SEO, Google display network,
•    Social media: Content development, driving engagement, games, advertising on Facebook, twitter, etc.
•    Email marketing: Email marketing system deployment, email design, content development and management
•    Design: Brand identity packages, brochures, flyers, banners, websites and apps.
•    Market research: quantitative, qualitative, measurements, online surveys.

If these things catch your interest, you definitely choose the right time. The reason is local businesses (small and medium companies) are all looking to come online and learn the strategies and techniques to propel their brands. Old fashioned marketing methods like Yellow Pages, Magazine or newspapers Ads, etc. costs too much and bear less fruits. It is estimated that 75% of small business have websites, 35% of them have mobile sites. When selling online, 64% of them say the internet has increased their revenue and sales, 48% of them feel the internet expand geographic reach in the US, and 73% of them save money by decreasing the admin costs.

Local Business Consulting is fun when you know the psychology of your market and what makes them tick. If someone lost everything and had to start over from scratch, I suggest Local Business Consulting should be a start over to look at. It is because you can kick-start your consulting career with no money, risk-free and with little effort. To be successful, what you should do is all about being able to provide value and to position yourself as an authority and expert. People will chase you from far and wide because Local SEO consultants are in huge demand.

Despite the potential of the business, many questions may come across your mind like: The list items are too much, how can I do it when I’m not an expert on those things?  Would it take too much time? How can I find clients? … In a nutshell, what is the profitable strategy approach for those marketing services? From what I learned, it’s all simple in these principles:

1.    You don’t need to be an expert.

Your clients do not care about the costs involved just as long as the results pay back in huge dividends. It means you are the person who collects the ideas for the valuable solutions to your clients. You should first develop a network of the supporters who are ready to provide advices for the solutions. So, the steps are simple: collecting solution pieces > taking project (50% upfront of cash) > allocating works in the network > completing project (50% after finishing projects).

2. Find clients in online market place.

Thanks to technology, Local Consulting Business is easier now than ever. You can start with the sites like freelancer, guru, etc. The first startup may be humble, but you can base on that and build a place of your own (blog or website) in the future. You can start to focus offering just one service like web maintenance & web design first by signing small contracts, around $200 for starting. The best industry to approach should be small businesses like Pizzerias, pool maintenance, local contractors, small restaurants, etc. You can also try to get your local clients by cold calling offering a live free demo. Although you might sweat when hearing the word cold call, but it’s worth a try. However, for landing high paying clients, social networking, PPC ads and referrals are the keys. Online Marketing Consulting can be found in a variety of places but it is better if you attract those who are utilizing the mediums which you are currently leveraging like YouTube, MySpace, Facebook & Twitter because they will convert at a much higher rate. If you got money to invest in PPC campaigns, use that method. If not, just forget it, we can move up step by step. It’s a good strategy when making people come and ask you to work with them.

3. Integrity is the best policy.

Local Business Consulting should be honest with the small business owners. When working with clients, you should keep asking what value you can start providing to increase their profits enough that they gladly pay you that much and try to help businesses to brand themselves effectively so that they can become the HUNTED instead of the HUNTER. When consulting with local businesses all you need to be aware of is their hunger to succeed and the only thing that really matters is the bottom line.

Local Business Consulting is here to stay but are you going to grab your piece of the digital pie before the masses take over. Local Business Consulting is extremely powerful when you mix the advantages of offline marketing because you truly can captivate your audience and target market. You can start Local Business Consulting as fast as today. So, you can design your lifestyle of what you truly deserve.

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